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Bloodworth Law Firm, P.L.L.C.

Conroe Office – Principal Office

303 Longmire Road
Suite 1002
Conroe, Texas 77304
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1214 Sam Houston Avenue
Suite 5
Huntsville, Texas 77340
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The Woodlands

431 Nursery Road
Suite C700
The Woodlands, Texas 77803
Phone: 281-292-0000
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Toll-Free:: 1-800-LAW-4617

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In general, considering the present state of technology and email usage, a lawyer and/or client/potential client may communicate confidential information by email. In some circumstances, however, a lawyer/client/potential client should consider whether the confidentiality of the information will be protected if communicated by email and whether it is prudent to use encrypted email or another form of communication. Examples of such circumstances are:

  1. communicating highly sensitive or confidential information via email or unencrypted email connections;
  2. sending an email to or from an account that the email sender or recipient shares with others;
  3. sending an email to a client when it is possible that a third person (such as a spouse in a divorce case) knows the password to the email account, or to an individual client at that client’s work email account, especially if the email relates to a client’s employment dispute with his employer (see ABA Comm. on Ethics and Prof’l Responsibility, Formal Op. 11-459 (2011));
  4. sending an email from a public computer or a borrowed computer or where the lawyer knows that the emails the lawyer sends are being read on a public or borrowed computer or on an insecure network;
  5. sending an email if the lawyer knows that the email recipient is accessing the email on devices that are potentially accessible to third persons or are not protected by a password; or
  6. sending an email if the lawyer is concerned that the NSA or other law enforcement agency may read the lawyer’s email communication, with or without a warrant.

I acknowledge that I have read and considered the above discussion of the risks involved in communicating by email and have chosen to use email to communicate with the Bloodworth Law Firm.


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